Checklist - Moving House Things To Remember

The following need to be notified in advance of your move, and sometimes by certain times. Failure to give advance notice can cause headaches after you move.

Bank: any you have dealings with.

Car Registration: Write to your local licensing authority giving details of your car and registration.

Credit Cards: Notify c/c company of change of address.

Dentist, Doctor: De-register and re-register with new practices.

Local Health Boards: Tell your present office and ask them to notify your new office.

Electricity, Gas & Water: At least three days in advance, and ask for a reading on the day. Do not forget to sign on with the company for your new home. The service may be disconnected if nobody has signed on as a new user.

Hire purchase: Notify every company.

Hospital or Clinic: if receiving treatment.

Income Tax: The address is on your tax forms.

Insurance: House, contents, car and yourselves, at least seven days before you move, or you may not be insured.

Mail: Arrange for mail to be forwarded.

Mail Order: Any company you use.

Pensions: Company pension- inform the pension office. State pension, ask at the post office.

Professional Services: Accountants, Insurance Brokers, Solicitors and Stock Brokers. Refuse: Notify refuse collection company.

Satellite/cable/digital: Notify service provider.

Schools: As soon as possible.